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" The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day." O.A. Battista

The first seven years are valuable beyond measure. Since 1993 The Practica Program is still the only completely comprehensive educational stimulation program on the market in South Africa. Practica helps parents to identify their child's unique talents and to correct the weaker skills through only a few minutes of play! It's ideal to be used at home by parents or anyone who gets to spend one-on-one time with a child between the ages of birth and seven.

A child's brain is literally being "wired" during the early years as connections develop between brain cells. Research shows without a doubt that more connections develop between brain cells in the brains of well stimulated children. Any child can benefit from these special activities, BUT sadly, the majority of these one-on-one activities cannot be done in groups like crèches and kindergarten, because of the typical way in which children react in groups.

We bring the Solution into the Parent's Home: Since it wouldn't be practical or financially viable for most parents to have a live-in therapist as a nanny, the only people who would practically be able to play these life-changing little games with the children are the parents themselves, or everyday nannies/au-pairs armed with a special program. Let us show you how much fun it can be to stimulate your child through play while you bath, change and feed them.

Practica is a home program that supplies parents with:
(1) Short, fun and easy game-ideas for every age from birth to seven,
(2) All of the 30 special apparatus that they'll need to do these activities,
(3) The practical support from therapists and school readiness assessments for each child, and
(4) A monthly newsletter to keep them excited.
The programme is available in English and Afrikaans.

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This is exactly what The Practica Program has been offering parents for the past 19 years; let us show you how to develop all 50 brain tools which assist with Intellectual and Emotional Intelligence, sport skills, reading, mathematics, language and speech development etc. Contact us today so we can inspire you to play! Please have a look at the "Referrals" page on the top left for comments from our Parents.


The PRACTICA team at the Baba Indaba show - 2010

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